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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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by next week. when the. offender thank you very much indeed. now to mali where the fighting continues for years after peace accords were signed in the latest attack of violence one hundred sixty seven people were killed our correspondent nicholas hogg has met a rebel leader who's facing un sanctions because he refuses to stop fighting. mohammad who is mine are muhammadu and is not ready to give up the fight from his rooftop home involve miko the leader of the coalition for the people who commands hundreds of troops in the region of timbuktu. mohammed whom is under sanction from the un security council for conducting attacks against un and french forces. so these attacks have been claimed by. mostly need an umbrella organization including al qaeda in the slum make my grampa. mohammed who denies any wrongdoing saying he's
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only fight is for peace. so. i'm disappointed i'm one of the principal actors for peace but i'm not being heard or listen to despite signing a peace agreement we have a deal but the fact is to get yourself heard you need to use force then people listen. france's president received a hero's welcome in two thousand and thirteen after french forces intervened in northern mali to push back rebel groups that had invaded part of the country among them. troops. since then and they're separated for the thousand people have been killed in attacks despite thirteen thousand u.s. peacekeepers and four thousand french soldiers on the ground the violence hasn't stopped it's gotten worse now people are taking to the streets calling for french and foreign troops to leave. hope for peace in mali came in the form of an agreement negotiated in algiers with various armed groups and the
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government but signed right here in by micro in the building right behind me some four years ago since. there's been a multiplication of attacks with new armed groups involved in the conflict and so it seems that that agreement is no longer relevant to the current circumstances mali faces. which rapper masters to me is calling out president cater for not doing enough to unite mali and he's facing a wave of protests for failing to protect the population under the peace accord kater has to change the constitution and call for a friend of but there are mounting demonstrations against it this isn't going anywhere we're stuck because it's not the constitution that needs to adapt to the agreement but the agreement needs to adept well constitution which is the rule of law rebel country and people. despite so many sides calling for peace. is torn increasingly divided and that is only feeding the conflict
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nicholas hawk al-jazeera bamako. we've got a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including why you think that choice of words that everything the minute. it was the worst kept secret in washington now it's official joe biden is running for president. the red cross walls populated residential areas in the libyan capital turning into battlefields. coming up in sport there's a long distance dispute between two of the best runners of all time as they criticize each other's behavior peter will explain. that the french president's been addressing the nation in an attempt to calm the months of anti government yellow vest demonstrations barbara in a european new center we'll have more on that. what him thank you yes i
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know him across says he wants to significantly cut income tax as part of reforms to transform france speaking in response to months of yellow vests protests against them the french president also said he would make it easier to hold referenda on national issues his address came after three months of town hall style style meetings across across france which have been dubbed the great debate. public order must return an essential. but i don't want the actions of some people but just. the start of this movement and. there is live in paris for us and has been following that speech the cashier what else did he say and crucially do you think will be enough to quell the best protests that we've been seeing go on for months now.
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that the yellow vest protests had for him highlighted the fact that many people in france feel there's too much social inequality or they're simply fed up with the political system that they feel doesn't represent them adequately in terms of style and tone this was a man or marco being a lot more informal than he usually is he's often accused of being very arrogant and aloof so it was a great effort on his part to perhaps appear more approachable in terms of what he offered while there were policies aimed at trying to address people's grievances as you said income tax breaks and cuts he talked about also trying to reduce the number of m.p.'s that there are trying to vest more in things like education and making france more of a meritocracy getting rid of things like elites ways of getting into some of the top schools in france was a very wide ranging speech really aimed at saying to people look i've listened to what you've had to say i've traveled around the country part of this grand debate
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over the past few months i've heard what you have to say and i'm trying to fix it he kept talking about trying to come up with solutions he said he didn't want to roll back on some of the reforms that he has already pushed through really intends to continue with his reforms but in order to do that he really will have to convince people with this speech that he means what he says and they'll have to feel that he is credible in order for his own popularity to power. back up because that has been damaged somewhat and also for people simply to trust in him and in the government again. with the latest on that speech from paris natasha thank you well the a good girl sean is a french political analyst and columnist for the new statesman magazine he joins us over skype from having you on sir thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera as net cash our correspondent was mentioning there a man on the crown is releasing his popularity plummet in recent months the jew hear anything in that speech that makes you think it could rise again you know
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here's your correspondent i mean it was really an exercise in structure and a certain change of war and this is one of the first times and that's the first time i actually got my call i started the press conference. well there were a lot of the consequence was already known it was kind of leaked after last week it was meant to get the speech but then also we know what happened with multiple some of the common was actually no it was really an exercise in the style in many ways. and so the best now is this face for sure will i will this be taken up by and by the population and by different population. and there are certain announces in there we've addressed some of the presses those buying you know this divorce over the course of the last few months so we hit it was disturbing tone as changed was that he needs humility and who pretty easily got this given bana a second lease of life if you want for the next three years that are left of his
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presidency and of course he has the next big test a lot sooner because the european elections are just over a month from now and the latest polls you know we can or cannot believe that who knows but it certainly shows marine le pen almost neck and neck with the president so how do you see that unfolding and how do you think the yellow vests the movement which isn't necessarily in fact is it a lie the told to marion le pen how do you think that affects him across nor does it penalize more. so i think there's two presses there at the yellow vests i think and you know there are about thirty thousand that still come up every week and there are. people i think it's very hard it's whatever. the resigns i think it's going to keep that they're going to be able to do that they can be placated anyway and that will help you continue your dream elections yes and under a broader kind of questions that are in both areas as you say other than.
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party or are very much in that there's a real debate here of and you're very much part of his discussion. in his presentation today and specifically there was questions about. immigration and he wanted he was taking a very quiet. immigration within the e.u. and within the e.u. itself even going as far as suggested that perhaps should be reduced to a smaller number of countries that were willing to play the game about told very much in terms of going in and dressing one of the questions which is. now. among the fans party of immigration that's one of the big questions of. so he's trying to address those two whilst at the same time. i'm talking about what europe can be in one of the questions that was posed to him by a german journalist he reiterated his belief in the franco german couple what could
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be potentially achieved through that so he's trying to play both cards and down and definitely go to in terms of what will happen with your elections coming up next month. and i'm going to have more from london a little later in the news hour now though let's go back to our. barbara thank you very much now three weeks into their fight for control of the libyan capital the international committee of the red cross has warned that residential areas of tripoli are turning into battlefields at least seven fighters were killed by an airstrike south of the city on wednesday and forces loyal to the warlord holly for hafter and now fighting against the government for control of the capital mahmud up to one head who reports. who died defending the libyan capital kerrick to its main square. they were killed in. just south of tripoli a crowd overwhelmed by grief as families mourn their dead not far from the
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prayers portraits on display of international leaders they blame for supporting world have their dead fighters were from the city. of tripoli left to and have to the forces took control last month. is lamenting the fall and fighters he says they were brigade mates. and life time friends. they were killed by have to warplanes in all here area we just took up arms to defend our city and on our forces came a thousand kilometers to enter our city we didn't go to their ears the homeland is our cause it has taken lots of blood and souls we will return to carry on no matter what it takes. them and when tripoli but have to this forces went through very
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yan since april fourth they have been fighting forces loyal to that you recognize the government on the southern outskirts of tripoli. the world health organization says. as close to three hundred libyans have been killed in the three week battle for control of tripoli and tens of thousands first from their homes many civilians including women and children were killed by indiscriminate shelling the government accuses have to his forces of targeting gray's attention areas with heavy weapons more than thirty thousand people have been displaced and aid workers are struggling to reach people trapped in parts of tripoli the forces of the un recognized government are vowing to push after is forces out of tripoli. fighters lake mohammed and his comrades are determined to reclaim the city but with no sign of
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the fighting ending anytime soon there are likely to be many more commemorations in this main square with up to. tripoli. the former u.s. vice president joe biden's announce his bid to replace donald trump in the white house in a video announcement he warned americans there in a battle for the soul of the nation. under barack obama for eight years he is among twenty hopefuls hoping to get the democratic party nomination but former congressional advisor john jan says joe biden has been seen as the democrat to beat . well hopefully for vice president biden the third time will be a charm if you're supporting him or you're on his campaign i think what vice president biden does have is familiar our ready with the experience of actually running a presidential campaign the last two times he quite honestly failed tragically in
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his attempt but that comes more experience right now and over the last two months vice president biden has been the most popular candidate in the race but now that he has declared a challenge will be will he remain the most popular candidate a lot of democratic voters right now are in a position where they're going to have to decide between and imperfect candidate or ally and an absolute political opponent and that means do you want to elect somebody who is in a good position to take on donald trump mobilize the base and win. not withstanding challenging bolter challenging statement that that candidate might have made in the past and you're going to have to decide who is the best candidate to actually bring about a winning coalition of progressive voters moderate and centrist voters as well as
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independents. to come here on the news out the russian president a north korean leader meet for the first time in bloody dastan find out what they talked about. mexico detains hundreds of people and made u.s. pressure to take action on migrant caravans. coming up in smaller deck around the organizers of a very of the route for next year's race peter tell me where it is. how most of the cold air that was around a week ago has just about gone so even though you see a northerly breeze coming down through the caspian after western russia was still talking about temperatures in the teens so sixteen in terre is a result maybe that for twenty in baku and pleasingly if you're in turkey or in
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syria temperatures are on the rise i say please may because being cold and wet fairly recently well there's a potential for showers here in turkey as you can see on saturday we're still talking about pretty warm weather for the most part clear skies try to around seventeen in toronto particularly warm if you never asked afghanistan it's just up in the northeast where it could be cloudy enough for a shower or two so dress picture temperatures rising to be expected this small finally is drawing down its strength for the time we get to friday's a temperature rise in bahrain you a cutter the cloud indicated here on the return of this wind could well develop into words two big showers in the saudis somewhere meccas held short of forty and the cloud extends across to bahrain and qatar on saturday but the wind has more or less disappeared. the heavy rain of light around durban isn't going to be repeated in fact as you watch the rain is forming with an offshore breeze offshore.
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how have you changed since you were seven. the. chart from the lives of the children of a part of a twenty one years each story reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change. that for. zero. we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and reported on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it united nations peacekeepers have to know if i'm tired you know. we are challenging
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the forces we're challenging companies we're going to places where nobody else is going. it's a take a look at the top stories here in the al-jazeera news hour there's confusion about the exact number of people who died in the sunday bombings the government's now saying around two hundred fifty three people were killed before the government has said more than three hundred fifty people died in security services there carrying out raids and arrests since the u.s. and the u.k. warned their nationals about the possibility of more attacks. released protesters
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are traveling from all over the country to join the three week long city in a military headquarters in khartoum hundreds of thousands of demonstrators are demanding the military council immediately hand over power to a civilian government. french president emanuel mccrone has pledged to get more people involved in the democratic process his policy speech follows months of meetings with local mayors or members of the public to try to resolve the issues brought up by the yellow vests protests. get more top story and that is of course is the aftermath of the bombings in sri lanka the country's prime minister i know we're going to i'm a singer is vowing to improve coordination now between various state agencies to prevent future attacks he's been speaking to al jazeera zain. we have to admit the failure in intelligence the breakdown in the flow of
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information. and that's one of the matter that are being investigated to the shock i mean if not for the lapses many of them would be alive to being now what are the girls that the sailors will not reoccur know v.v. are now looking at those aspects to ensure that there is no breakdown of communications but what is most important is to get the active members that also sleepers remember of you've got to look at the sleepers too on the fourth of april . the indian intelligence warned of potential attacks on churches. hotels and easter they repeated warnings actually two days two hours before the attacks but all these warnings were ignored. can use can you tell us why from what we have gathered. the information given has
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been sent down in writing but we are looking into why there was no measures taken sending it down in writing or gone down the line in writing but that was not sufficient in my view and here that spec that we are looking into so what measures now are in place to go and t. the disclosure full disclosure of the extent of security failure it's been done by the leading investigator in sri lanka we have our criminal investigation department we have our intelligence agency we have our military intelligence agency all our integrated so the president said that he wasn't briefed you say the same and i wonder why are you so confident that the investigation will reveal anything. the investigations are done by people who are not in oil in the communication of.
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intelligence these are separate groups and i am sure if that the if they had received the information earlier in the intelligence they were directed at that time because some of these intelligence was also available with about personally informed so the people are getting it out are not the people doing were responsible for sending down the intelligence do you believe that there is someone within the security apparatus. was helping the perpetrators there's no collusion with those who perpetrated the attack has been negligent so also the turks you are forced to blame the security failure for what happened don't you share any responsibility and i said we have to accept the fact that there was a serious breakdown of the intelligence. and the communication we have not run away from the. environmental activists and then did more than
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a week of protests in the british capital let's go back to london now i'm barbara sara. one hundred thank you yes an eleven day campaign of climate protests designed to cause major disruption to london has now come to an end extinction revelli and demonstrators targeted the city's financial district on the final day of protesting more than three hundred people glued themselves to the walls of the london stock exchange and blocked roads around the bank of england and goldman sachs protesters have been calling of the u.k. government to declare a climate emergency and take a radical action on climate change takes a look back now at the protests. after several weeks of protests activists from extinction rebellion now say that they're willing to suspend their activities for now at least pack up this makeshift protest camp but some marble arch in the center of london they say that the demos may well be over for now but that they kick started an all important public conversation about what they say is an ecological
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catastrophe about to happen for some motional fight it's like you've got a secret that nobody wants to know but you know that the only way to do anything about it is to start that conversation and it is heartbreaking breaking this truth to people you know have no in gauge that have. you know carried on their daily lives as a normal. for the past two weeks demonstrators of occupied major roads they picketed businesses and institutions causing major disruption to the city they've also used unique time ticks chaining and gluing themselves together to for straight the police. or that a thousand people were detained many had never even protested before never mind being arrested. under demonstrations also or try to prominent activists including
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teenage environmentalist great at sumburgh has inspired a movement of children against glow. the warming we are now facing existential crisis the climate crisis and ecological crisis. this may be the last day of demonstrations in london but things haven't ended quietly hundreds of demonstrators descended on the financial district some gluing themselves together outside the london stock exchange. others climbed on top of trains a mixture of ages and backgrounds. the message that's being promoted by these demonstrators throughout is one of nonviolent disobedience it's a message that's caught on in other parts of the world have been similar seems in eighty different towns and cities across the world more than thirty different countries demonstration in london comes to an end the mood is one celebration
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a feeling perhaps of this isn't the end at all but it may be just the beginning. in central london. thousands of bosnians have attended the funeral of a prominent bosnian serb businessman and government critic a coon it chandos bodyguard was shot dead on monday the forty eight year old was a vocal opponent of bosnian serb nationalist leader. and had accused him of stoking tensions to divert attention from his corrupt practices at the critics of the voice concerns they could be targeted and that is it for me and the team in london let's go back to my team in doha. barbara thank you mexican immigration agents have detained over three hundred migrants who were attempting to cross over into the u.s. this week this is the largest raid mexican authorities have carried out in more than a year the detainees were part of a caravan that was traveling northwards through mexico large groups of my groups of
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be trying to get into the u.s. through mexico over the past year mexico's interior ministry estimates that around three hundred thousand migrants are trying to get into the u.s. within the past three months alone message is under pressure from the u.s. to stop it being go live to our correspondent man world who's in arriaga in southern mexico what is the particular situation where you are man world. we've been traveling since yesterday were as you mentioned the town of about just under three hundred kilometers north of the mexico guatemala border and just to give you an idea of what we're seeing here what we're hearing we're outside of a shelter for migrants where people are getting medical attention several of these people been walking for days and they have sores on their feet so they're getting attention from medical personnel here but what we're hearing overwhelmingly is fear
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is confusion and uncertainty over what happens next we were talking about a migrant caravan consisting of somewhere around three thousand people that was broken up during a raid by mexican police only a couple of days ago from that larger caravan there's only about three hundred people as far as we can tell in the town of where we are who are telling us that despite not knowing what their next steps are going to be they're committed to making their way northward toward the u.s. southern border toward the u.s. border with mexico and they're wanting to do this by way of a free a freight train or train known as even though they don't know what time exactly that train is going to pass through this town the idea is that the wait here will receive some sort of service from this shelter that we're outside of right now and then they'll make their way on to that train again ultimately making their way toward the u.s. southern border. well thank you very much indeed. correspondent there.
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there in southern mexico but now we can speak to laura carlsen news director at the center for international policy she's joining us live from mexico city thank you very much indeed for joining us this raid on this group of people these migrants three hundred will say that this is representative policy for. so far the government has that this is not a change in policy that in fact that they admitted that the raid got out of control that they didn't mean for it to be a direct confrontation with the migrants as it turned out however there's a lot of fear lately because so many more have been deported the figures that we have so far for april are about thirty percent above the rates of a year ago when there was already a deportation program in place because so many are being deported and there is a fear that the mexican government despite what it says about respecting rights and
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the right to due process for refugees is trying to placate the trumpet ministration one of the most anti immigrant governments in the world and he is taking a harder line against a growing number of immigrants and refugees that are coming from central america primarily honduras and also guatemala el salvador absolutely but this is a problem that is not just in his new term in office is it this is a problem that's been affecting mexico for some time the former administration a very near to i mean he took a tough sense didn't he on those people who have been coming from those three countries who are running away from abject poverty index trained violence but i'm loathe has said that he's going to protect the rights of migrants as far as he can . that's right marty and we're looking at a crack down policy that was put in place in two thousand and fourteen from
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pressure from the u.s. government at that time and it was a change from what had been a much looser policy here in mexico now the locus obrador government finds itself between a rock and a hard place because of the pressure from the united states from the trumpet ministration that even reach the point of threatening to shut down the border which would be huge catastrophe for mexico economically as well as for the united states it's important to take that into account and then from central america where we see countries in collapse particularly honduras and ironically or perhaps logically as a result of some of those policies of the united states government so we have a narrative where donald trump is trying to blame mexico for not doing enough to start migrants at the same time we have a real need for protection of people and now especially families over sixty percent
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in our families which is another big change in the pattern of migration and refugee flows that we're seeing here in mexico and these people who really need protection many of they can them cannot go safely back to their countries right now it's a very difficult position for a government that has an economic need to maintain relations absolutely laura i was going going to. flag up something that perhaps doesn't get as much recognition as it might and that is that mexico has got its own immigration problem if you like because the tone of debate within mexico is changing isnt it. yes it is and there's more services being provided to these refugees the migrant flows there are more services being provided to mexicans who are in the united states who under these anti immigrant policies have faced far greater hostility from the trump administration and federal authorities and so we have a real effort but there's also a number of internal challenges there was
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a huge degree of corruption within the immigration forces here in mexico and within the federal government in general that the new government has to confront in order to to create a more coherent policy and it has these limitations in the relationship with the united states and these tremendous pressures coming out of of central america so it is a huge challenge now laura carlsen really good to talk to you thank you very much the indigenous people in brazil are protesting for a second day in the capital brasilia representatives of more than three hundred tribes have taken their demand for land rights directly to congress many fear that hard won rights will be eroded by the new president nardo the protests side congress will finish with a march on friday today's a bird has more from the demonstration.

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